Grow your Twitter in 30 days.

It took me 8 years to grow from 0 to 1000 Twitter followers and less than 2 years to go from 1000 to 10,000.

What changed?I transformed my Twitter account into a machine built for growth.Here's the curriculum:

Day 1: AnalyticsAnalytics help you identify your best content, track growth, and motivate yourself.We'll use analytics to refine your content, identify winning templates, and grow your account as fast as possible.

Day 2: ContentConsistency is extremely important for growing on Twitter, but it can be really hard to find things to write about. (Especially at first).This chapter will give you 4 reliable wells of inspiration to draw from so that you never run out of content again.

Day 3: BrandingWriting great content for Twitter (or anywhere else) get's a whole lot easier when you can answer these two questions:1. Who are you talking to?
2. What's your core message?
This chapter will help you answer both.

Day 4: ConversionYour profile represents your brand on Twitter.It gives people a reason to follow you. It builds trust with your audience and sets expectations.This is the final piece of the machine that will turn impressions into followers and unlock massive growth.

You see other makers go viral, get 100s of signups, hit MRR goals, and amass a cult following.So, why not you?This growth guide, delivered to your inbox over 4 days, will teach you everything you need to know to grow a massive audience.



Tweet Streak 30 was developed over the course of several months including a month-long live cohort.We've battle-tested this content and we're confident that anyone who takes it seriously can completely change their trajectory on Twitter in just 30 days.

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There are two ways to grow a huge audience on Twitter.Method #1: Already be famous.If you've already built a huge audience on another platform it's 1000x easier to grow a huge audience on Twitter as well.If you're reading this then I'm 99% sure that's not you.Method #2: Show up every day and write great content.You don't need fame. You don't even need virality. All you need to do is consistently provide value in a package people are ready to consume.A Twitter growth machine consists of 4 parts. Anyone who understands those 4 parts can build an audience from scratch on Twitter or any other social media platform.Ready for the big secret? Are you sitting down? Here it is...1. Analytics - Do you understand what content is performing well and why?2. Content - Are you reliably providing valuable and interesting content?3. Brand - Can I easily understand what unique value you provide and tell my friends about you?4. Conversion - Do you have a way to convert attention into a following?That's it. That's the secret sauce. You probably knew this already.But... there's knowing about a thing and there's knowing how to do a thing.If you're ready to do, then take the final step:

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